Sunday, January 1, 2012


Movement is an extremely powerful communication tool.  The way you move.  Can I recognize your intention from the way you move through space?

Launch.  Its certainly about being in the right vehicle.  But that's just part of it.  You have to have enough power to get off the ground.  Which might mean you have to borrow from somewhere else.  You have to be ready.  Buckled up.  With the right attitude.  People who fly talk about attitude in a different way than us common folks.  To them, attitude is about direction.  Up versus down.  Your place in space.

A successful launch has everything to do with attitude.  Are you pointed in the right direction?

What if you could apply the idea of launch to your life?  To anything you do.  Assemble all the right parts, power up, adjust your attitude and go?

Engineer your attitude self so you couldn't do anything but go in the right direction if you had the power?

Launch.  A great concept for a new blog.  A new year.

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  1. lovely. looking forward to it. can't wait to see how the vehicle moves...