Sunday, January 8, 2012


A knot binds you.  So simple.  Pieces of line, twisted and looped in just the right way.  So powerful.  A well tied knot lets you stay attached to what you need.  Keeps your shoes on your feet.  Holds your anchor in the storm.

But anyone who's ever seen a brightly colored balloon slip away into the summer sky, knows that a poorly tied knot can be just as powerful.  So basic.  Those cords bent around each other.  We are lulled by the simplicity sometimes.  Distracted by the festivities.  The music.  The chattering children.  The rush.  A loop, a twist.  We have done it a thousand times.  And that poorly tied knot lets a thing slip away.

Family ties.  What about those?  Knots that bind you to people rather than things.  Knots that are not always able to be untied.  Lives bent around each other in such a way.  Family ties are hard because we assume they should be so easy.  These knots are present from the moment of our birth, or even before, so we think we don't have to work at fastening them properly.  But that's the same thing as a poorly tied knot that lets a balloon slip away.

Simple lines and cords can hold fast to each other and be powerful but only when they are bound on purpose.  With purpose.  Knotted well.

To be stay attached to the things we need.

Start tying tighter knots.

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