Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Do you have any idea how fast the world is spinning?  Yes, literally spinning.  About a thousand miles per hour.  And that other kind of spinning?  Kids, errands, pets, jobs, dinner, cleaning up for dinner, cleaning up after dinner, laundry, homework, phone calls, Facebook, doorbells, lists, friends, neighbors, spinning, spinning, spinning… 

We think we can catch up if we go fast enough.  You know when it all stops, it seems to me... 

When we bend our knees.
You bend them to sit and scrape them to learn.  You get down on one to declare your love and get down on both to speak with your God.  You fold them neatly to hold the hands of non doing.  Just perfect.

And you’ve got to get up eventually.  Get up and participate.  Get up and run.  Walk forever with your love.  Walk ahead and know it’s in His hands.  Move forward with fresh perspective.

You can’t live on your knees.  Or you can’t live well at least.  Bent knees are temporary.  And powerful for that reason.  Bent knees make contact.  They speak.  They say I’m seated here because I choose to be.  They scream pain when they hit the pavement, but they break your fall.  They proclaim with no words that you are worth the ultimate proposal.  They reduce you to just the right place to speak to your God and root your body to a solid place for making space.

But you've got to get up.  Eventually.