Sunday, March 4, 2012


I was in the act of giving.  I surely was.
Giving.  Not trading.  Not tit for tat.  Not quid pro quo.
Just giving.
Not at all focused on what I might be receiving.
Just giving.  
 From the place where my receiver needed me to be.
You have to be in the right place, you know.  To give honestly.  Purely.
Somewhere in the middle of what you need and what I have to give is where it happens.
And when I place myself there.  In that middle place.
I find myself perfectly positioned to receive.
I surely do. 

**Photographer's note- This is Fern.  Fern owns a funky little plant shop called "The Shed" in downtown Ann Arbor (hence, the choice of colors for the bricks).  Her store has no roof so that God can water His plants when He wants.  She hangs the green flag out front when she's open for business and although she majored in landscape design, she prefers the quiet life of her quaint horticultural boutique.
The act of settling down cross-legged on the floor and constructing her story was my way of "giving" to two pathetic boys that were too exhausted from a bout with the stomach flu to do anything other than watch television and play Legos.  I'm writing you this because I am quite certain that this week's photograph will need an explanation.  So, there it is.  Now I'm going back to bed.

**Writer's additional note- Somewhere in the middle of what they need and what you have to give is where it happens.  And when you place yourself there.  In that middle place.  Cross-legged on the floor.  You find yourself perfectly positioned to receive.  You surely do.

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