Thursday, December 20, 2012


I have been waiting for a sign.  With just hours left in what according to the Mayan calendar will be my last day, I tried hard to see more clearly today.  To be more aware. 

My favorite song came on the radio this morning and just as it ended and I switched the station, and it played again on the new station!  Score!  Must be a sign.

I dropped the lid to the peanut butter jar today...and it landed messy side up.  Rock!  Must be a sign.

I picked up my cell phone to check the time and a person who I have been trying to get in touch with called me just as I grasped it.  Coincidence?  Sign.

However, I also got a mouthful of yuck when the string broke on my tea bag and it broke open into my toasty beverage, slipped on the ice when I went out to get the mail and had some yellow snow blow back into my face as I was shoveling the front walkway this afternoon.  Fail.  Maybe those were signs too.

I think it has to do with what you see and how you see it.  A wise man I know...not one of the 2,000 year old ones, although this will be a big birthday year for him...says, "We all see things with our own eyes."  Very, very true.

I don't really have any concern for the fate of our planet tomorrow, but prophesy of the end of days does cause people to do strange things.  So in honor of the apocalypse, I will conduct myself accordingly and do something I do not ordinarily do.

Quote scripture.  Have I got your attention now?

Proverbs 31:6 directs us to "give strong drink to him who is perishing, and wine to those in bitter distress."

This is our plan for tomorrow.  We are going to gather some of our favorite people, dress all in red...because for some reason my mother thinks red is what the Bible says you're to wear to an apocalypse...sit tight, and wait to see what happens.  Strong drink will most certainly numb the pain of a planetary collapse and if we all survive, we'll have just the provisions to toast our good fortune.

What does this all mean? 

I think there are two lessons to be learned here;

1.  End of days or not, don't stop looking for signs because it helps you to see everything more clearly. 

2.  Close your mouth when you shovel yellow snow into the wind.

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