Sunday, September 30, 2012


We've got a village.
It makes me happy.
We grew it from nothing.  Nurtured it with proximity and time.  Cultivated it with experiences.
We let what is take over what we were wishing for.
We pray and recharge each other's mojo.  
We root and console.  
We shut up and just listen. 
We tell the real story not the sanitized version.
We are learning to give in a way that is truly helpful, not in a way that is easy or that comes naturally or is what we like to do anyway, but in a way that is hard...sometimes very hard.
We are learning to receive in a way that is simple. Grateful and simple.  With no score being kept or tally of "I owe you one".
We are more than we are.  We are the varied things we have to offer and we are built up by our willingness to demonstrate just how much we cannot do alone.

It's not about where you live.  You can't move into a have to grow one.  Cultivate one.  Build one.  It's about what you have to offer.  And that you're willing to ask.

Community spills out of us if we let it.  We have to let it.  We are all givers but a village is born when we learn to receive what others have to give.  Just as they give it.

The Village, not those village people...MY village people...I am so grateful for you.

The woodcutter and the nutty professor
Mother Grey Goose and the cabinet maker
The maestro and the blogger
The teacher and the rock star
The foodie and the huntsman
The ice maker and the lifesaver

We've got a village.  
It makes me happy.

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