Monday, July 9, 2012


The truth about coffee...according to me.

It's hot.
It's even good cold.
It's good dressed up fancy.  Or just plain.
It gets me going.
It keeps me going.
I can go without it.  But I prefer not to.
It makes me shake with excitement.
I'd love to have it every day.
It smells wonderful.
Sometimes it makes my head spin so fast I can't even speak correctly.
When asked if I'd like some, I always say, "Yes. Please."
There's a whole lot of things you can add it to...and it makes them even better.
It makes me warm inside.
Sometimes just holding it makes me feel better.
I have no plans to give it up.  Ever.  For any reason.
It fills me up.
Of all the ways to prepare it, I find the French Press to be the most elegant.
It's good in the morning.
It's good in the afternoon.
It's good at night...but it keeps me up way past my bedtime.

The truth about my husband...according to me.

Pretty much all the same things.

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