Wednesday, June 20, 2012


What’s that glass jar full of Mom?


What’s change Mom?

You know…nickels, dimes, quarters, pennies.  It’s called small change.

It doesn’t look small Mom.  It kind of looks like a lot to me.  You could really buy something with all that.

I guess you’re right.  When you put it all together it is a lot.

Wisdom.  From the mouth of the child.  Small change.  The parts of our dollars that are just leftovers.  Collected in the bottom of the washing machine or the cushions of the couch.  Forgotten.  Not enough to do much with…

Unless you start collecting.  And the small change begins to add up.  To quite a lot actually.

Small change.  Like...well jeez, your pants are too short, it’s time for new shoes, you need your bangs trimmed again, your library bag is so heavy today.  You roll them all into the days and weeks as they go past.  Minor adjustments and tiny accomplishments.  Not much by themselves.  But then they start to add up and omigosh your baby’s not a baby anymore.

What about each small change we make in our life?  When we are on a path of making ourselves into something new.  Those little shifts in behavior.  Those insignificant differences.  Many of them are forgotten as they fold into the daily routine of our lives. They don’t seem like much on their own.

Unless you start collecting.  And those small changes begin to add up.  To something you can really do something with.  To quite a lot actually.

Maybe at first small change will barely fill your hand.  But if you start collecting, someday you won’t be able to hold it all in.    

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